Solutions for video operators

Digisoft has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to deliver bespoke video solutions.

If you are considering providing Video On Demand or Linear TV services over the internet or through managed networks, Online, Offline or Hybrid – We have done it all.

Video Platform Orchestration

Our flagship product, Iris Server forms the basis for many of the solutions we deploy. Regardless of your business requirements and technology strategy, the Iris Server platform is flexible enough to meet most operator’s needs when it comes to deploying and managing IPTV & OTT services.

Video on Demand

Content monetization and personalizaton is a key strategy for operators and service providers. Digisoft has created a scalable OTT ecosystem architecture with Iris Server at the centre and with key content and technology partners to support advanced video asset ingest workflow, DRM and adaptive bitrate streaming content delivery.


Our software powers advanced multiday EPG and PVR features on high end Hybrid STBs and multiscreen companion applications for wireline operators taking advantage of their investment in managed fibre and coaxial networks.

Multiscreen Experience

Our client application solutions span every display, from small screen smart watches to big screen TVs and everything in between.

At Digisoft, we have years of experience in developing interactive applications to allow users to consume content in the most convenient and exciting way possible. These applications are built to help us deliver media solutions to our customers.

Every screen size has its own distinct characteristics that must be catered for and with our extensive experience, we’ve got that covered.

Advanced Casting Technology

Our software solutions seamlessly handle multiple cast protocol implementations. Incorporating our multiscreen & multi device casting framework, We enable our customers to deliver a 10-foot user experience on a wide range of devices, from Smart TVs to HDMI Dongles and media streaming boxes.

Beyond the first and second screen, We support application level interaction with voice control, smartwatch and smart home integration.

Digital Education

Beyond media and entertainment, Digisoft has developed educational solutions to power digital classrooms and community learning in both mature and emerging markets.

Retail Video Delivery

We have designed and developed touchscreen video distribution kiosks for retail outlets to deliver premium video content in areas where broadband access is limited.

Cast Catcher

CastCatcher is a custom HDMI dongle solution for operators based on our CastOS dongle middleware that gives you the benefit of having complete control over the experience of your subscribers.