Digisoft.tv Launches New Digital Classroom System at E-Learning Africa Conference Kampala, Uganda

26th May 2014, Kampala, Uganda – Digisoft.tv pushes new solution to revolutionise the delivery of education in Africa.

Digisoft.tv will be attending E-Learning Africa, which is the largest gathering of eLearning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa. The event is an opportunity for Education Experts, Policy Makers and Government Bodies to get together to discuss and see the best eLearning programs can offer.

Digisoft.tv will be launching it’s new Digital Classroom System (DCS) at the exhibition on the 28th to 30th of May at the Speke Hotel & Conference Centre Kampala, where the event is held this year.

The DCS system allows for the distribution of multimedia content such as HTML, Flash and Video, in an offline and online format. DCS is designed to have a low power draw for use in areas without reliable electricity supply. It has two configurations which can be run from a battery or as part of a solar charging system.  The set top box draws just 10 watts, while the Smart Projector draws 28 to 40 watts, depending on usage. This means that educators in Africa can now deliver high tech education in rural locations where electricity supply, broadband or 3G  are limited or non-existent.

The system is content agnostic. However, the DCS comes with a comprehensive set of rich, interactive Math and Reading lessons covering ages 4 to 18. Any content that conforms to the format can be added to the system to provide for local needs and cultural requirments.

“We felt that the market needed a more flexible education platform, just replicating solutions used in Europe was not really bringing any understanding to the problems the market faces”, commented Fearghal Kelly CEO of Digisoft TV. “This solution means that you can bring interactive learning, the best of new content available both free and premium to a new audience, and it allows for the rapid growth of connectivity in these markets as the system can be used as an online system when connectivity allows. We feel that as Africa’s rate of growth increases it’s important that access to the best educational material is available to ensure that it’s inhabitants reap the benefits this will entail.”

About Digisoft.tv

Digisoft.tv Ltd is a global provider of hybrid IPTV software ecosystems for MSOs under the Iris Brand. Iris products support common broadcast standards (DVB, ISDB-T, ATSC) enhancing them with HbbTV/HTML 5.0 to deliver VOD and App Stores. The Company also provides educational platforms to aid the proliferation of digital learning resources. Our key activities include software provision, managed service and professional services for brands such as Vodafone, PMT and VideoEzy. As well as educational apps and sophisticated search platforms. The company maintains headquarters in Ireland with sales offices around the world.