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Virtual reality for Hospitality & Tourism

VR has been one of the most dominant technological changes within the hospitality and tourism industry in recent years. Traditional brochures and promo videos do not give the same uninterrupted immersive experience that virtual reality provides. Customers require a lot of information before they book a holiday, tickets to your attraction, a room in your hotel, a wedding, a conference or event. It is easy to see how virtual reality answers all these questions at once, bringing a customer closer to booking.


Boost your digital presence and impress in the real world at exhibitions and wedding fairs


Benefit from using the latest technologies, from beacon enabled audio tours to fully immersive 3D and Virtual Reality tours.


Our platform provides you with all the tools, training and content you need to streamline your venue operations.


3D Dollhouse & Floor Plan View

Allow viewers to see the property from any angle without a roof and switch between floors with ease. This unique viewing experience allows customer to quickly explore your venue.

3D Info Tags

Highlight the main features of your property with 3D info tags. A viewer learns more about your venue as they explore creating a lasting experience. Videos, images and documents can be embedded within the tags to tell a story.

Virtual Reality

All of our three dimensional virtual tour models can be viewed on VR headsets. From Google Cardboard to Samsung Gear VR to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This puts your business in a prime position to capitalize on the next ‘big thing’ in the technology industry.

Easy Integration

Embed our 3D virtual tours on your website and social media pages as easy as you would a YouTube video. Email or text a link to potential customers or store offline and use at sales meeting and events.

Weddings & Conferences

  • You can now give virtual walk through to couples to give them a firsthand look at what their dream wedding day will be like without having to schedule a day where the ballroom or reception area is set up.
  • Couples can then explore the venue for themselves afterwards on a Google VR headset for example that you can provide them. This shortens the sales process and brings them closer to booking their dream venue.
  • You can simply post a vr headset to your corporate clients so they can virtually walk through your conference destination and be confident in booking their event without having to visit in person.
  • Our virtual reality tours work fantastically at industry events and trade shows. What better way to engage a couple at a wedding fair that allowing them to step inside the venue for themselves. They will go away from the event with plenty of brochures but with only 1 lasting and memorable experience.


  • Travel companies around the world are already latching onto virtual reality to help customers book holidays. Through the use of our vr tours, travel companies can help customers to experience your hotel first hand before committing. This leads to a more confident consumer and a quicker sale.
  • All our 3D tours that can be embedded on your website are VR ready. This means that any potential customers can simply click on the vr icon and virtually step into your rooms and explore before booking.