Multiple Outputs From One Site Visit

3D Showcase

Unlimited 2D Photography

Colourised Point Clouds

3D Mesh File (obj)

Reflected Ceiling Plans

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3D Showcase


    Views, Tags, Highlights

    Virtual Reality Enabled


    Virtual Site Inspections

    Complete Construction Documentation

    Communication and Collaboration Tool

    Link to specific areas or objects

OBJ File


Textured 3D mesh file

Open in Maya, SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, Unity


Kick start planning and design phase with 3D model of real project site

Useful for proposal and bidding stages

Project Lists & Communication Tool

  • Can include  punch lists
  • Push information to project team
  • Virtually inspect and record key milestones.

#27: Panel design change – See Panel In Area

#24: Equipment Repairs – See Details

#35: Safety Check and improvements – See Details

#12: Change piping system – See More

#3: Replace screws – See Project