The Kiosk Delivery Ecosystem delivers a tiered scalable solution for operators to grow as connectivity increases

In mature markets where connectivity and data services are abundant, digital entertainment and education services are flourishing. This is rarely the case in emerging markets and disadvantaged areas with little or no connectivity infrastructure.

Digisoft’s on-Demand Kiosk Delivery Ecosystem (KDE) can help to overcome some of the challenges that currently inhibit Service Providers, Content Aggregators and Government Agencies from extending the reach of their services to these underserved areas.

Customers of the KDE will benefit from having the ability to serve untapped markets with little or no competition to worry about.

The KDE combines the ingenuity of offline content delivery with the flexibility of online and one-way content consumption.

At the heart of the KDE is the multi-function touchscreen kiosk – a compelling storefront for any kind of digital data.


DRM protected content can be acquired and downloaded to USB storage for consumption in the KDE STB – a CPE device that is flexible enough to also consume online/OTT/IPTV content as well as one way over the air Digital TV broadcasts.

The KDE solution is extensible to support a myriad of business models including digital rental, community download and electronic sell-through all augmented by digital signage & interactive advertising supported features.

The unique touchscreen delivery system allows consumers to browse and search for digital content which can be added to their electronic shopping basket. Payment and voucher based transactions are facilitated at the kiosk point of sale after which the customer and service provider can be confident that their DRM protected purchases are safe from piracy.

The protected content can then be viewed on the consumer’s in-home KDE set-top box. This low cost STB serves as a playback system for kiosk delivered content on USB but also doubles as a 3G/LTE home gateway to provide in home internet connectivity for OTT services. The STB is further enhanced by its ability to provide free-to-air digital TV services.


  • Service Providers and Operators wishing to extend their media distribution to reach under-served markets
  • Content owners and aggregators wanting to distribute their content in a secure manner to markets where this was previously impossible
  • Retailers looking for new franchise and partnership opportunities
  • Governments and NGOs exploring new ways to disseminate content, education and information to poorly connected communities.
  • State agencies in conjunction with content owners looking for ways to fight piracy by introducing new practical content delivery systems


  • Robust kiosks with easy to use touch screen interface
  • Satellite or CDN delivery of content to kiosks regardless of location
  • On-screen interactive advertising and digital signage support
  • Payment transaction processing and DRM entitlement fulfillment
  • Supports high speed data transfer via SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  • Microsoft Playready DRM content protection
  • STB doubles as an in-home internet access point via 3G/LTE connectivity
  • Offline (USB), Online (OTT/VOD) and One Way (FTA) content utilization

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