Stunning 3D virtual tours for Hospitality & Tourism

  • Showcase your venue in the best way possible. Use our 3D tags to highlight your main USP’s and provide the ultimate viewing experience.
  • The advancement of technology in recent years means people react more to visual aids. Highlight the key features of your destination in a new unique fashion.
  • Giving people a first hand look at your property gives them an experience they will not receive anywhere else.

Weddings & Conferences

  • You can now offer a virtual walkthrough to couples to give them a firsthand look at what their dream wedding day will be like without having to schedule a day where the ballroom or reception area is set up.
  • Couples can then explore the venue in their own time on a VR headset that you can provide them. This shortens the sales process and brings them closer to booking their dream venue.
  • You can simply post a VR headset to your corporate clients so they can virtually walk through your conference destination and be confident in booking their event without having to visit in person.
  • Our virtual reality tours work fantastically at industry events and trade shows. What better way to engage a couple at a wedding fair that allowing them to step inside the venue for themselves. They will go away from the event with plenty of brochures but with only 1 lasting and memorable experience.

Case Study: Hotel Meyrick, Galway

Hotel Meyrick wanted to create a virtual experience of the reception area that they use for weddings and private parties and events. They share this with potential customers to show them what to expect when they arrive. They used two employees to add a personal touch to the experience.