With mature deployed products, both application and headend, in DVB, OTT and HbbTV environments, Digisoft understand the needs of operators and end users alike. Coupled with our knowledge, experience and implementation of various standards including HbbTV, DVB, Cablelabs and TV Anytime within our own product set, we have the subtle balance of the practical and the theoretical that is a must for any HbbTV solution.

We have extensive experience in leading discussions with manufacturers, working with them to determine the optimal, most cost effective hardware required to deliver on a product technology specification. We are well versed in the various standards and technical specifications relevant to our domain, applying them to product development and domain modelling, and leveraging them to guide our customers in the making the right decisions for the solutions we provide.


The HbbTV EPG App is a lightweight application that can operate in broadcast and hybrid modes, seamlessly switching between the two as needed.

In each mode, the user is presented with the data and feature set that best reflects their current state of connectivity.

The application retrieves scheduling and other content information from the optimum resource available: whether over IP from Iris Server, or from DTT via the Declarative Application Environment.

Iris HbbTV Server

Iris HbbTV Server is an enterprise server system with a flexible and modular architecture which can be delivered as a managed service or a software installation.

It brings together metadata aggregation, subscriber and device management functions with integration to third party recommendations, billing and DRM systems, and provides client devices with a single point of access.

Iris Server manages linear metadata relating to live broadcast channels as well as non-linear, on-demand catalogues.

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