With the Internet of Things, objects, spaces, even events become smarter – sensing and connecting with the world (and the people) around them.

Digisoft helps turn this exciting digital landscape into market opportunities with smart applications that will delight and engage your customer base.

New Realities

We are merging the worlds of video, education and VR to create immersive experiences for venues and tourist attractions all over the world.

Using Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality technologies, we can design and deliver the right solutions to engage, entertain and monetize your customers.

Customer Engagement

An engaged customer is 90% more likely to buy, and spends 60% more than a passive customer.

Digisoft’s customer engagement platform gives you the power to reach your customers in new and innovative ways. This not only improves your customers’ experiences, but adds a potent additional revenue stream.

Beacon Technology

Smart beacons enable you to engage with your customers in ways never before possible.

By weaving technology into the real world, we can provide your customers with a richer, more engaging experience. Ideally suited for theme parks, stadiums, live events, or anywhere where your customers gather, we can provide real-time analysis and management of your most important commodity… your customers.