Pay TV companies and Telcos are trying to tackle three big questions (1) How to stay relevant (2) How to respond to OTT Services and (3) How to reduce the OPEX and CAPEX costs of STBs and other hardware. HDMI dongles are fast becoming attractive options for operators to disseminate their services to their subscribers but choosing the right dongle solution is not without its obstacles. With a myriad of device and platform choices now on the market, what is the right strategy to embark on?

Here at Digisoft, we have been at the forefront this new technology option and our experience can help guide you in the right direction to choosing a strategy that is right for you. Whether you want to offer your service along side all others on a consumer brand dongle or own the experience with your own brand managed device, we have the solution for you.

HDMI Dongle Solutions

Own brand managed device – CastCatcher

Offering your OTT service on consumer devices is considered essential to compete these days but what if you want more control over the software roadmap, your own branded hardware and a subscriber dedicated to using your service over all the other tempting services that can be found on consumer devices? You may need to consider offering a managed device as part of your service offering.

Deploying an own brand white label HDMI dongle is now a possibility with Digisoft’s CastCatcher. CastCatcher is a custom HDMI dongle solution for operators based on our CastOS dongle middleware that gives you the benefit of having complete control over the experience of your subscribers.


Here are some of the benefits of CastCatcher:

  • Your own branded hardware
  • No unwanted competing services on the device
  • Full casting functionality from mobile devices
  • Reduce traditional STB warehouse storage and truck roll costs

As well as offering the CastCatcher HDMI dongle, Digisoft works closely with many partner ODM companies that manufacture managed HDMI streaming devices including Dune HD, Kaon and Novabase.

Bring your own device

Consumer HDMI dongles are proving extremely popular and it is not surprising that OTT service providers are offering their services on these low cost devices. Whether it is Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s FireTV stick, Roku’s streaming stick or generic Android streaming sticks, one thing is sure – if you want your service to reach the maximum audience possible then you need to consider how it can be delivered to viewers across all these platforms.

We have been developing solutions for these platforms for some time and understand the subtleties and differences between them all. Each platform has its own specific features and nuances that need to be catered for and there is no one stop common solution to deliver to all these platforms.


Whether your users are casting from mobile devices or using built in client applications, you need to consider how this will impact on your media offering.

As well as developing clients and applications for these devices, we have gone one step further and developed the Client Connect Framework – This product eliminates all the device fragmentation that occurs when developing for these platforms and ensures that you can get to market fast without worrying about all the headaches that usually occur when trying to deliver services to multiple platforms.

Read our casting white paper to help you choose which strategy is right for you.

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