Client Connect is Digisoft’s client application framework for UI, media and home control, allowing MSOs to provide secure client experiences that inter-operate seamlessly across all devices both in and out of the home


Incorporating our unique reverse casting technology and multiscreen & multi device connectivity framework, Client Connect enables you to deliver a 10-foot user experience on a wide range of TV devices, from Smart TVs to media streaming boxes.

Going beyond the first and second screens, Client Connect also supports application level interaction with voice control, smartwatch and smart home technologies to ensure that your customers will benefit from a new wave of emerging standards and technologies that will be at the heart of any service providers consumer offering.

  • Multiscreen client application framework for UI, media and home control

  • Supports multiple devices and client platforms

  • Mobile, Tablet, TV, Smartwatch, STB, HDMI Dongle, PC

  • Unique reverse casting technology

  • Smart home integration

  • Voice control capability

Deliver your OTT Service from any device to any screen

Cut across all those competitive devices and closed ecosystems and deliver a full TV Service with a single app download. Client Connect is a smart software layer for consumer smartphones and tablets that seamlessly handles multiple cast protocol implementations.

Customers without a media streaming device or those who wish to have a more traditional remote control mechanism can use a dedicated CastOS powered CastCatcher HDMI dongle.

The zero hardware cost enabled by Client Connect allows you to reinvent your marketing strategy to include digital advertising and trial periods, since you can recruit new customers with just an app download.


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