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We have years of experience in designing for TV and delivering usability and viewability across every screen. We deliver lean UX, from requirements testing and concepts; we create prototypes, correlate research and create an engaging user experience that will keep your users coming back for more. We make it easy for you to realize your vision and get to market quickly.

At Digisoft we are passionate about user-centred design, and believe in creating digital experiences that are valued by our end users. At our core, we aim to provide an intuitive and consistent user journey based on clean, simple, intuitive and modern looking UIs that do not distract from the content, but allows it to take centre stage.

We prioritize features wisely, focusing on solving user problems and trying not to overwhelm the user with unnecessary information. Critical to this approach is ensuring core functionality is accessible quickly and easily, by positioning actions on the UI in locations that user gravitate towards and pushing content towards the user wherever possible. If appropriate, we use real-world metaphors to ensure the user experience is intuitive and familiar.



We follow a user‐friendly design approach that empowers users with choice while reducing the need for interaction by anticipating their needs in a rewarding and positive manner.

We work closely with the client to ensure the UI captures their brand identity. We approach design collaboratively and strive for early client validation.  We provide editorial oversight, enabling control over content. This allows the client to market their services and content effectively while keeping their content engaging and fresh.

Our design team has over a decade of experience designing user interfaces for television set-top boxes. We are experts in designing for the “10 foot experience” and creating modern interfaces accessible to all.

Everything gets tested – from colour choice and fonts to interaction via the remote control unit. We test across a range of television sets of varying sizes and specification to ensure all users have a great user experience.

We believe the TV is the best place to watch linear television or on-demand content and that videos are best viewed on the big screen. We know that in many cases watching television is a social experience shared by two or more users – we use this knowledge to inform our designs, ensuring that the TV experience continues to be a social, shared activity that is accessible by all users.

As well as televisions, we have also designed for smartphones, tablets, projectors, and the web. This experience allows us to follow the basic principles and core techniques for a great UI, while maximising each users’ experience to ensure they get the best possible experience on their preferred device.

In such a fast moving industry, Digisoft is constantly exploring new possibilities and developments in the user experience field. We strive to deliver modern cutting edge interfaces to our clients, and in turn, a rewarding and engaging experience for end users.

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