Digisoft.tv Launches Digital Learning Game As a New Samsung SmartTV App

Digisoft.tv today announced that it has brought Sammy’s Science House, part of Edmark’s award-winning House Series, into the growing world of Smart TV education apps it is available through Samsung Apps TV stores.

Sammy’s Science House provides kids with seven engaging activities that help them understand the world of science around them.  “Bringing Edmark’s House Series to smart TV’s is a natural fit for us,” says Fearghal Kelly, CEO of Digisoft.tv. “We’re committed to making high quality digital content available to learners across a wide range of platforms, and given the expected growth of Smart TV apps – it made a lot of sense to utilize this channel for learning.”

According to some estimates, the TV App Market is expected to reach $14B by 2014. “It’s more than just putting content on another screen, though,” says Kelly. “Being able to turn families’ living rooms into a hub of learning opens up a number of possibilities for parental involvement in their kids’ learning.”

With Sammy’s Science House, young learners, aged 2 to 4, are able to practice sorting, sequencing, observing, predicting and constructing in a bright and engaging environment.

Inside Sammy’s Science House

Below is a list of the seven activities available through the app:

Workshop: where learners can construct toys and machines, follow a blueprint or make their own designs, and paint their creations.

Acorn Pond: learners Investigate plants and animals as they adapt to seasonal change, and make Field Notebooks with interesting facts.

Weather Machine: allows learners to manipulate weather variables, as well as listen to the weather report and watch animations illustrating the weather they’ve created.

Recycle It!:  involves sorting bottles, papers, cans, banana peels and more! Learners put trash into the correct bins to clean up each scene.

Create a Critter: teaches learners about various types of animals and then lets them create their own whacky animals.

Sorting Station: learners sort pictures into categories with the help of friendly bins. Learners are also able to hear the names of a variety of plants, animals, and minerals.

Make-a-Movie: lets learners arrange pictures in sequence to make a movie which they can play forward or backward.