Digisoft have a strong history in designing and developing applications for interactive TV experiences. With this background, Digisoft are ideally placed to help you to realise your big screen content presentation ambitions for any 10ft leanback viewing device including HDMI dongles, Set Top Boxes, media streamers, consoles and Smart TVs.

At Digisoft we are passionate about user-centered design, and believe in creating digital experiences that are valued by our end users. At our core, we aim to provide an intuitive and consistent user journey based on clean, simple, intuitive and modern looking UIs that do not distract from the content, but allows it to take center stage.

Our design team has over a decade of experience designing user interfaces for television set-top boxes. We are experts in designing for the “10 foot experience” and creating modern interfaces accessible to all. We have designed beautiful interfaces for HD, OTT solutions, while retaining the ability to support Standard Definition 4:3 unconnected users. We test everything from colour choice and fonts to interaction via the remote control unit. We test across a range of television sets of varying sizes and specification to ensure everyone has a great user experience.

We stay on top of current design trends, to ensure our applications are modern and appealing to the target market. However, because trends are constantly changing, clients change their mind, and user testing provides valuable information, we ensure that updating the look and feel of the UI can be done quickly and easily with our flexible interface solutions.

We work closely with the client to ensure they protect their brand identity. We approach design collaboratively and strive for early client validation.  We provide editorial oversight, enabling control over content. This allows the client to market their services and content effectively while keeping their content engaging and fresh. Our agile iterative process allows clients to get to market quickly and we use global open IP standards in order to allow for opportunities which can result in increased revenue streams for the client.

We know a lot about what makes a TV user experience compelling, how to design a great 10 foot experience, and what product features help immerse users and connect them to a product. With over a decade of experience we are constantly trying to stay ahead of the game and ensure our solutions provide users with a rewarding and fulfilling experience in the evolving world of entertainment.

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